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The European Business Association is the biggest organization for foreign businesses in Ukraine. Today the EBA is the leading organization of international business in Ukraine and brings together around 900 European, Ukrainian and international companies.

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What is EBA Favourite card?

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The Favourite Card — is an additional free advantage for employees of EBA member companies.  After all, the EBA is concerned not only about business, but also about each of the companies' employees! The EBA Favorite Card programme brings together the best companies that offer cardholders attractive discounts on their products and services. You will undoubtedly find your favorite store or restaurant from among the participants of the EBA Favourite Card programme.

Each employee of a European Business Association member company can order a personal card EBA Favourite Card.
The EBA Favourite Card is free of charge for EBA members.

The EBA Favourite Card offers discounts in hotels, restaurants, etc.

The EBA Favourite Card is valid all over Ukraine (card availability is required).

Questions and Answers

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What should our company do to become an EBA Member?

To apply for membership the company should:

1. Fill in the Online Application Form for EBA membership, print it and send with a stamp and a signature to the EBA office by fax +380 44 496 06 02 or via email membership@eba.com.ua;

2. Provide a Reference letter (Example) from any EBA member-companyThe Reference letter should be printed on the company's letterhead and verified with signature and stamp;

3. Provide a copy of a company/enterprise registration certificate;

4. The company should pay the enrolment and membership fees.


For more details, please contact us via phone +38 (044) 496 06 01 or e-mail membership@eba.com.ua 

What is the EBA Favourite Card? And what does it give me?

The EBA Favourite Card enables you to use discounts provided in the EBA Favourite Card programme.

How can I order personal EBA Favourite Card?

Every employee of the company — a member of the Association — may order a PERSONAL EBA Favourite Card through EBA main site personal cabinet after company paying an annual membership fee.

What types of EBA Favourite Card are exist?

There are 2 types of EBA Favourite Cards are existing:

EBA TOP Favourite Card: only the head of the company is able to order it; Top Favourite Card provides higher discount (up to 15%) on the regular basis in the EBA Favourite Card programme.

And EBA Favourite Card (Standard): each employee of the EBA member-company is able to order it; Favourite Card (Standard) provides as a rule 10% of discount on a regular basis to it's owner.

Each type of the EBA Favourite Card you are able to set up in your smartphone (iOS\Android) using our app (developed by YoCard).  

For any additional questions, please contact Inna Panasyuk by phone via 044 496 06 01 or by e-mail at discount@eba.com.ua.

How can we become a participant of the EBA Favourite Card programme? How much does it cost?

To join the EBA Favourite Card programme you need to:

1. Be able to provide discounts of 10 and 15% by two types of EBA Favourite Card on a regular basis,

2. Represent B2C sector (interests of cardholders),

3. Take an active part in the activities of the Association.


To register in the EBA Favourite Card programme, please fill in the application form, print and send the scanned copy of the signed and stamped form on discount@eba.com.ua
Participation in the EBA Favourite Card — FREE of charge.
For more details, please contact Inna Panasiuk +38 (044) 496 06 01.